From toys to dentistry, jewelry design, and prototyping, Phrozen Transform’s 13.3” LCD, dual 5.5" LCD panel and 40 cm (15.75 inch) Z-axis can handle your larger projects with speed and ease.  

Hi! We are Phrozen. Over the past 5 years, we’ve been striving to produce the best printers on the market. Some of our users would always tell us "why are there so few SLA 3D printers  that can print in large build volumes? Many great designs were limited because of the low build volumes of 3D printers. When making large prints, the design has to be partitioned for printing and assembled afterwards"—and you know how much fun that is to deal with. 

This is why we’ve created Phrozen Transform, a consumer-grade 3D printer with the largest build volume. Enjoy a 3D printer that satisfies both large-size printing with the 13.3” panel and high-resolution printing with dual 5.5” panels. 

Phrozen Transform’s 13.3” printing area flattens most SLA 3D printers on the market, topping the world of consumer-grade 3D printers with a build volume of 29.2 x 16.5 x 40 cm (11.5 x 6.5 x 15.75 inch). The large printing area does not sacrifice details: the 40 cm (15.75 inch) Z-axis is nearly twice as long as those of other machines in its class, which means Phrozen Transform has the stability to render your designs at a 76µm XY resolution

With Phrozen Transform, you never have to assemble your print again!  

Thanks to Phrozen Transform’s dual 5.5” panels, you can now make multiple prints at the same time. The full setup option for Phrozen Transform offers dual 5.5” panels in addition to the 13.3” panel, bringing your build volume to 12 x 6.8 x 40 cm (4.96 x 2.68 x 15.75 inch)while allowing you to print two of the same design at the same time.

It provides the 47µm XY resolution, printing every last detail of your designs while doubling printing efficiency—two prints at a time to cut printing time in half! 

Phrozen Transform’s Fast LCD Adaptor design lets you switch between the 13.3” large prints and the dual 5.5” high-resolution mode in just 30 seconds.

  • Turn the power off.
  • Remove the 13.3” LCD connector.
  • Install the prepared dual 5.5” LCD connector. 
  • Insert USB with system info to switch system.
  • Turn the power back on and recalibrate.

And that’s it!

Phrozen’s ParaLED™ Optical Engine for LCD is the most powerful optical system on the LCD 3D printer market. This proprietary system is brand-new, developed in May 2018, and has already been incorporated into Phrozen’s iconic Shuffle series. 

Here’s how the ParaLED™ Optical Engine works: the system’s LED array is the same size as the LCD panel. The light-delivery path is corrected to contract the emission angle of the LEDs, producing a near-parallel light source to enhance LED penetration through the LCD panel. This gives a uniform exposure for 95% of the surface area.

Compared with the traditional single light source designs, the new ParaLED™ Optical Engine system significantly increases the speed and quality of 3D printing and has been widely adopted in dentistry, jewelry design, and miniature design. 

Phrozen Transform transcends the common configuration of a single linear rail and lead screw by combining an extra-wide and extra-thick aluminum alloy CNC structure with dual linear rails with ball screws—a configuration usually reserved for industrial machines costing USD $5,000 and above—to achieve a stable printing process with nearly zero wobbling. 

The high-end dual linear rails ensure precision and straight horizontal orientation during printing. The ball screws, also high-end, enable adjustable speed, diverse applications, and more precise and stable printing performance, eliminating the kind of draft wobbling common in large prints. 

Despite Phrozen Transform being open to 3rd party resins, we also offer a variety of resins for all of your printing needs, including Phrozen Rock-Black Stiff Resin with high surface hardness, Phrozen Wax Pro Castable Resin which is hard and supports fine details, Phrozen Nylon-Green Tough Resin with high toughness, Phrozen Semi-Clear Resin with high transparency and Phrozen TR250 with a heat-resistant, low shrinkage and high hardness.  

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The LCD 3D Printer that Lets You Dream Big

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