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Cleaning litter boxes is certainly an unpleasant routine. But what was your feeling last time when confronted a toilet un-flushed? Gotcha! I mean, felines have a well-earned reputation as immaculate creatures. They need a clean toilet just like we do.

Perfect is invented to keep your cats' treasure-burying ground always clean. Each time after they finish their business, Perfect starts an 8-min countdown and then initiates a cleaning cycle that funnels all wastes into a tightly-sealed receptacle. All you've to do is to discard the waste bag once in a while.

OmniClean Technology

Existing contraptions have failed what they're built for. Most of them break down within a year of purchase. While cleaning, they cause a lot of waste debris or even get themselves polluted. It feels like you would rather just scoop the litter at the outset.

So we developed OmniClean technology that actually works. The meticulous fusion of hive-style sieve, curvy funnel, fine-tuned turning speed and powerful torque is a result of our unwavering engineering pursuit. Then with a little blessing of the gravitational force, it turns the arduous frustration into a hassle-free pleasure.

A Zero-Compromise Solution

Perfect is a real life hack that embodies our zero-compromise ethos. We invented this system so that you can say goodbye to scooping without compromising on other aspects.

Perfect is the smartest littering robot you can ever imagine. SiftAutonomy algorithms give it the intelligence to recognize each critter in multi-cat households, distinguish litter from cats, detect its perimeter and monitor waste level. To enable that, Perfect includes 3 weight sensors, 4 position gauges, a 360° millimeter-wave transceiver, 2 infrared sensors and 2 powerful computing cores.

The Wireless Litter Box System

After unboxing, pair up Perfect with your home WiFi via Smart Config. It'll stay connected thus you can control it in the Petato App wherever you're. Tweak settings that suit you better and do update firmware for new features in the future.

According to veterinarians, potty behavior is a barometer of health. The advantage of scooping is probably that you can check the waste to see whether your cat is in a good shape. But this is the one thing people always ignore until something bad happens.

With ActiveTrack, we can now proactively monitor cats' physical conditions. Perfect indicates you when there is an anomaly. Some symptoms are difficult to spot by human eyes but can hardly hide from the robots. For example, increased attempts to urinate with small volumes is barely noticeable by human but can be a serious sign of urinary problems.

All data is streamed to your smartphone for reference at any time. We can't generalize a Ph.D thesis topic into several lines here but at the bottom line, these data points are highly helpful for diagnosis when you visit a vet's office.

The debate over open or hooded box is unsettled. Though every pet cat is different, it can be inferred from their outdoor equivalents that the need for fresh air, large space, and relatively sheltered spot is universal. It's this cat-centric philosophy that gives birth to Perfect's form factors.

Good for Small or Old Cats

To facilitate smaller or elder cats with reduced agility, a doorstep is provided. Additionally, the upper surface of the receptacle is engraved with a cascade pattern that serves as a step for in and out.

Sympathy for The Weaker

If you've two or more cats, there may be a hierarchy in their society. Those who are less dominant may often get harassed while toileting. However, in the raised chamber, they look taller hence are less prone to a fight put up by another aggressive cat.

100% Safe & Secure

All the current self-cleaning litter boxes have one common issue: while the mechanical parts are moving, cats can still get inside, unnoticed. In edge cases, this even leads to fatal injuries, especially for petite cats or other small pets such as ferrets.

Perfect is totally safe & secure thanks to three layers of protection. As our signature design, the chamber opening closes while spinning, which prevents cats from entering. More proactively, a millimeter-wave detector picks up any motion of pet or kid within the 30 cm range. It stops the machine right away and resumes after the perimeter is cleared. Lastly, if a tiny critter manages to get in from above, the agile weight sensors can pick up even the slightest change and alert the owner immediately. 

Litter box odor is annoying. But Perfect is here to help. Physically, the waste receptacle is concealed as airtight as possible. There won't be any waste exposed in the open air. On the other hand, the stench you smell is mainly ammonia and some sulfide compounds - they get decomposed by a deodorizing unit.

Perfect works with any cat litter that clumps, as well as silica gel crystals. Our ingenious hexagonal sifting holes are designed to allow litter of different sizes and shapes to pass through efficiently. They're optimized such that no litter will be left out or wasted. When litter returns to the chamber, the pliable sieve lets it fall gently, which minimizes dust.

We've experimented all kinds of litter, including the most popular clumping clay. However, we notice that bentonite granules often get stuck within cats' paws. These granules can be swallowed by cats when they are licking the paws. It's very dangerous as clay is non-digestible. As for crystals, they usually have ragged surfaces, which is not ideal for cats because with a large concentration of nerve receptors, their paws are sensitive. Therefore, we use the biodegradable corn litter mostly now. And it works perfectly well with Perfect

Litter tracking and spillage are minimized with perfect. Holes on the doorstep helps stretch cats' paws to get rid of the granules. Also, as cats jump out of the box from above, litter is tracked within a small area outside the single opening, better than all the place in your house.

We used almost all self-cleaning litter boxes available on the market. We were confused by those "more advanced" models. The buttons, lights, colors, blinks, etc. were overwhelming. Let alone the glitches that require troubleshooting frequently.

Features, from our perspective, shall not override usability. perfect is equipped with a crispy LED display and only one button. The display shows machine status that is worth noticing, including Countdown, Cleaning, Emptying, Pairing, Error and Full. The button is mostly used for manually triggering or pausing a cleaning cycle.

Interactions Made Easy

We're committed to deliver you the best possible user experience. The functional details are not only ergonomic, but also proven highly useful in different scenarios.

Next-Gen Automatic & Health-Tracking Cat Potty

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